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Pastor John Piper - How to Teach 1 Peter

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Teaching God’s word is enriching to the soul of both the teacher and those who are taught. So the question stands: How do we teach the Bible?

2:03 – Why should we be interested in equipping ourselves to open up a book of the Bible and then preparing ourselves to teach that book?

3:46 – If we could pick any book of the Bible — whether in the Old or New Testaments — why would we want to pick 1 Peter to teach?

6:06 – How do we let the personal background of the apostle Peter impact how we teach his letters?

11:31 – How many sessions have you taught 1 Peter in and why do you teach it in a certain amount of sessions?

13:31 – What are some good questions a teacher can ask about a given passage?

16:44 – Should a teacher resist telling the correct answer right away?

21:52 – As teachers of the Bible, should we admit we don’t know all the questions that arise from others and from the Bible?

23:15 – Piper and Guthrie begin to walk through 1 Peter.

26:22 – Are visuals helpful for teaching the Bible in a classroom setting?

32:09 – How do we determine what we will discuss in our teaching (for example, 1 Peter 1:9)?

37:54 – How should we handle and teach Old Testament quotations in the New Testament books?

43:15 – How should teachers be faithful to God’s word when we teach on a passage that’s clearly not welcomed by the world (in relation to 1 Peter 2:13–17)?

51:24 – How are we supposed to understand and teach 1 Peter 3:1–6, especially to women?

1:01:32 – How do we understand spirits imprisoned, Noah, the ark, and baptism in 1 Peter 3:18–22)?

1:04:42 – What does it look like to declare the true grace of God and to stand firm in it as teachers of the Bible?

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