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Students Q&A - Paul Washer

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Important Message from Paul Washer:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The above video is a question and answer session with a campus group from the University of Illinois. It has been posted here after an important edit. During the actual Q&A I made a reference to the comedy Nacho Libre and said it was a favorite and that you could not work at HeartCry without watching it. My statement was a playful but wrong exaggeration. I watched the film several years ago, and I am familiar with some of the lines from the movie that have become so popular on the internet. However, I was wrong for making such a reference and exaggeration. Although the film is considered a family comedy, it does demonstrate irreverence at times and contains some conduct that is improper for a Christian. I have previously asked forgiveness of the leader of the ministry, but am now asking forgiveness from anyone who might have seen the unedited Q&A video and been offended. Sincerely, Paul David Washer
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Paul Washer
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